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The Business intelligence solving program of FashionPro is being flexibly applied to variable dynamic reports which are random-queried. By providing this program, the decision-maker can realize different types of indicators and perform activity of management decision, and find the key business value of enterprise.

Our BI System Comprise

Data Warehouse

Business data integration, simplification of business statements producing and sharing;
Verification of effectiveness and consistency;
Improvements of data quality;
Unified storage of business data;
Convenience of sharing and security controlling

Report & Analysis

Multi-angled and centralized analysis;
Better methods of allocating resource, optimizing operation and increasing benefits;
Centralized management of statements and charts;
Simple to distribute and share;
Improvements of teamwork;
Custom-made statements, improves effectiveness and business insight

KPIs Application

Detailed data analysis;
Providing a better plan and prompting enterprise’s capacities of planning, budgeting and forecasting;
Supervising business progress timely;
Coordinating business operations effectively;
Improving business management’s level

Our BI Solution

Business Analysis

Store Performance (Budget vs. Actual)
Sales Analysis (Tender Type, PSF, Commission, Rebate)
Sales Productivity Analysis
Gross Profit Analysis
Gross Margin Return on Investment(GMROI)
Sales Trend Analysis (Item, Stores, Staffs, Period)
Sales Growth Trend Analysis
Sales Person Performance Analysis
Sales Analysis by Demography
Periodic Sales Analysis

Report & Analysis

Membership Profile Analysis
Voucher and Wallet Points Analysis
Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) Analysis
Top/Worst–Members, sales, Promotions, Profiles, Product…
Trend Analysis of Members, Products, Sales, Vouchers, Points…
Growth Analysis of Members, Products, Sales, Vouchers, Points…
Budget/Forecast vs. Actual Campaign Analysis
Up sell, Cross Sell Analysis