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As Known As Promotion Management

The inventory pressure has always been an unavoidable problem to clothing industry. Sales promotion is the best way to clear redundant stocks and retrieve working funds. In FashionPro system, it is able to achieve multiple sales promotion plans with adopting flexible parameter setting. When establishing these plans, it can restrict time and scope to monitor the sales promotion actions in Stores and avoid loopholes. Besides, sales promotion plans are automatically being run by system which can reduce the rate of mis-operation. In general, sales setting and management can attract clients, reach the sales stimulation and inventory cleaning purpose.

System Functions


Effective Date
Sales Point
Customer Types


Buy Some Get Some Free
Buy Some Earn Discount
Cost Earn Discount
Member Discount


Member Management
Coupon Management
Sales By Bonus


Auto Best Offer
Flexible Method Of Promotion
Multi Promotions Combination
Neatly Control Promotion Effective Date
POS System Remind Promotion Details