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FashionPro provides Asia Pacific Region the implementation supports with its network of those industry-experienced consultants. Focuses on providing a regional-leading solution for fashion industry. Completed total solutions such as Open-To-Buy, Campaign Management, Distribution & Warehousing, Retail Management, Franchising Management, and Contract Management as well as management reporting becomes an industry "Best Practices" rule.

Adopt Oracle Database Integrated Solution

FashionPro Adopts the Oracle relational database as the core of retail ERP solutions suite of applications that virtually scales without limit as your business grows. The database platform allows for low administration and easy installation that takes the burden off your technicians. We provide customization for all software packages to fit the distinct characteristics of each company so computerizing a company will not and SHOULD NOT mean changing the traditional manual procedure that your staffs feel comfortable with.

FashionPro Apparel Retail Management Solutions

Retail Management

Record retail invoices. Based on analysis of retail data, system is able to support manager to find those elements which will affect sales profit.

Business Intelligence

FP Business Intelligence Solving Program is being flexibly applied to variable dynamic reports which are random-queried. Decision-maker can perform activity of management decision.

Campaign Management

Able to achieve multiple sales promotion plans with adopting flexible parameter setting.

Contract Management

Provide retailers with the automation on the actual daily sales receivable both from the department stores and malls.

Customer Relationship Management

Improve marketing, customer's services and other business processes which are customers-related by achieving automation.


Good implementation service is a key issues for all companies. In today's market, the globalization expansion is a trend to all retailers as well. FashionPro Retail Management Solutions provide your customers a seamless shopping experience across all channels. By leveraging advanced Omni-channel Solution that aligns your company around your customers across all business areas.

Inventory Management

System can auto-gen corresponding transfer bill based on different types of business, and provides various transfer methods by piece or package.

Merchandising Management

Open To Buy (OTB) helps apparel retailers improve their financial performance through increased sales, leaner inventories, and reduced markdowns.

Wholesales & Franchising

The buying meeting system is designed with order capturing capability with product image lookup, then provide the sales contract and delivery schedule.

Point-Of-Sales System

Designed with power functions and nice interface, support keyboard input and touch screen.


Enterprises contact their customers in a high speed. FashionPro develop mobile application for IOS and Android.

eStore & mStore

Our core system provides data interfaces with different B2C platforms such as TMall, Amazon, Mydress and so on.