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FashionPro POS system was designed with retail functions such as billing, return of goods, product management, transfer, attendance, member management, online query and report. Apart from sales functions, it provides inventory management such as store take, data import, outline store take and so on. Besides, it support keyboard input and touch screen.


1. Allow Local Database Working Offline
2. Allow Query Others Shop Inventory
3. Auto Data Recovery
4. Deposit Order & Prepayment
5. Each POS System Can Set Its Own Price Book
6. Good Security & Lower Network Demand
7. Multi-type Currency
8. Online Data Enquiry
9. Promotion Auto Execute & Account Price
10. Promotion Reminder
11. Resting Order Operation
12. Support For RFID Card

System Functions

Retail Functions

Close Out
Edit Member Prepayment
Make to Order
Member Prepayment Approval
Membership Master File
Prepay Member Card - Recharge
Prepay Member Card - Transaction History
Recalculate Close Out
Replace Member Card
Retail Invoice

Inventory Functions

Approval Management
Extract Data from Stock Take
Goods Receive Note
Inventory Shelves Setting
Offline Stock Take
Offline Transfer
Offline Transfer Out by Carton
Other Stock in/out
Shop Replenishment Note
Stock Adjustment

Report Printing

Approval Report
Daily Close Out Report
Daily Sales Transaction Report
Price Tag Requisition Report
Product Sales Summary Report
Sales Item Detail Report
Shop Stock Movement Report
Staff Attendance Report
Stock Take Report
Stock Transfer Summary Report
Stock List For Shop Report

Online Enquiry

Coupon Used Enquiry
Daily Sales Detail Enquiry
Item Detail Enquiry
Item Image Enquiry
Lot History Enquiry
Online Sales Enquiry
Prepayment Enquiry
Sales Analysis
Sales Enquiry
Stock Cross Enquiry
Stock Enquiry
Stock Serial Enquiry
Tran Enquiry
VIP Enquiry

Retail Operation

Add Member
Calculation Promotion
Cancel Invoice
Coupon Redemption
Currency Translation
Goods Return
Product Alter Fee
Promotion Remind
Repeat/Void Last Item
Resting The Order
Scan or Enter Barcode
Select Member
Select Salesman