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The good implementation service is always a key issues for all companies. In today's market, the globalization expansion is a trend to all retailers as well. In order to grow with the customer, FashionPro has strong coverage for the system implementation in APAC Region. FashionPro Retail Management Solutions provide your customers a seamless shopping experience across all the channels. By leveraging advanced Omni-channel Solution that aligns your company around your customers across all the business areas such as CRM, Merchandising, Mobile Phone Selling and so on.

FashionPro OMS

FashionPro Omnichannel Retail Management Solutions

Connecting Brands To Customers Effectively


End-to-end eCommerce solutions with the customization elements, and integration with major marketplaces and 3rd party affiliates

Mobile Commerce

Busy urbanites move on to Location Based Technology that gives finger-tip access to brand information and promotions

Social Commerce

Leverage on multiple social media platforms for peer-to-peer or Consumer-to-Business push that increases sales conversions and brand awareness

Traditional Commerce

Traditional POS or Mobile POS solutions for business requirements

B2B Commerce

Write label IT solutions that can be tailored to specific industry needs at cost effective prices

Understand Your Customers

Worldwide Development

Omnichannel Business

Inventory Optimization


Actionable Insight


Cover brand challenges within Customer Journey by End-to-End offerings


Comprehensive products for SME and large scale enterprises


Deliver expected performance and result by our Technology and Marketing expertise

Customer Experiences

Influence consumers’ shopping experiences by our advanced Technologies

Brand Empowerment

Allow them to focus on their core business

Market Focus

Integrated Solutions with Country Localization and Industry Specific Needs