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Integrated industry-based solution delivering visibility across the enterprise


Facilitate management of varied, complex and changing retail


Deliver critical value-added functionality; a committed future platform for growth


Enable low-risk, industry-focused implementations of core business processes

Why FashionPro?

Professional Leads Innovation

FashionPro provides Asia Pacific implementation support with our network of industry-experienced consultants, and is focused on providing a regional-leading solution for the fashion industry, both now and into the future.

The core of our fashion solution is the FashionPro industry-specific Retail ERP system, which helps to integrate all the activities needed to handle the business of fashion, from supplier to customer, from shop-floor to executive suite. FashionPro links Open to Buy planning and Product Life Cycle management to manage all types of operation such as franchising and retailing, and providing the apparel-specific warehouse and distribution management.

The solution incorporates most aspects of supply chain management and includes the data bridge interfacing to the third parties system such as financial management system and customer relationship management. FashionPro offers value-added integrated functionality beyond the realms of a standard ERP offering. These include advanced planning solutions to enable comprehensive planning and scheduling across the different resources in the supply chain.

FashionPro Solution Highlights

  • Auto Deployment System Update
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Genuine Design For Apparel Industry
  • Real-time System Or Nearly Real-time System
  • Inter-Company Transaction
  • Multi-Company / Multi-Brand Concept
  • Multi Brand vs Multi Color and Size Ratio
  • Support Serial Number With Lot
  • POS Sales Data Recovery
  • Rich China Localization Functionality
  • Strong Promotion
  • Wholesales Or Franchise Management
  • Internet Resilience In Case Of Disconnection between POS And Middle-ware
  • Well Interface To Kingdee Solutions; Accounting & HRM
  • N-tier Design For Expandability, Stability And Security
  • Unicode Data = Item Description Support Multiple Languages