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Having multiple store locations has inherent advantages, but also introduces some unique challenges. If an item isn't selling well in one location, you can move that item to a better location or offer it for sale on your Internet site. Identifying, moving, and tracking those transfers can quickly become an overwhelming task. FashionPro offers several ways to automate the movement of goods and track their whereabouts. 

FashionPro's distribution plan is designed specifically for apparel retail industry that fully integrated with the sales planning and warehousing which leads to uplift the operational efficiency.

  • This allows you to receive a purchase order centrally and then distribute its contents quickly to your various locations without rekeying information
  • The distribution-inventory systems in FR-system can not only manage warehouse but also set a warehouse storing place and record every products' location sector
  • With this, the resources of man when checking and allocating can be minimized
  • Furthermore, the system can raise the reliability and accuracy of checking by supporting bar codes and sequence number scanning.


1. System can auto-gen corresponding transfer bill based on different types of business

2. System provides various transfer methods, by piece or package

3. Conveniently One Key transfer out function, both rapid and strict

4. Batch-handle bills

5. Distribution center

6. Excel import / export

7. Implement distribution planning

System Functions

  • Auto allocate by requirement
  • Auto gen transfer bill
  • Auto match quantity
  • Batch export stock transfer out bills
  • Borrowing management
  • Distribution Plan
  • Edit product label 
  • Export distribution data from purchase
  • Export distribution data from stock 
  • Export picking list
  • Extract document
  • Goods Receiving by Market region
  • Goods return to customer
  • Goods return to customer batch-post
  • Goods return to supplier
  • Goods return to supplier batch-post
  • Import & Export allocation list
  • Import txt file to take new quantity
  • Multi-point allocate
  • On transfer List
  • One key transfer out
  • Other stock out management
  • Pick by pack in transfer
  • Pick by piece in transfer
  • Print product label
  • Stock take extract backup file
  • Stock take by history
  • Stock take by stack
  • Undefined barcodes record