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The basic of retail management is recording retail invoices. According to analysis the retails data, system can support manager to find elements witch will affect sales profit, such as profit margin of hot product, sales status of high profit margin products, member preference products, general customer preference products, and how promotion will affect market. System provides a good data management that can help enterprise to find roles hiding in the data, and utilize these roles to carry targeted promotion. That can improve the business efficiency. The retail solution of FashionPro provides member management, promotion management and contract management.

System Functions

  • Direct Sales Management
  • Direct Sales - Group Purchase
  • Direct Sales - General
  • Direct Sales - Factory Outlet
  • Outlet & Group Purchase Setting
  • Retail Invoice Checking & Batch-Post
  • Deposit Transfer Income
  • Expenses Control
  • History Price Inquire
  • Alert Setting
  • Holiday Setting
  • Price Tag Requisition Apply
  • Price Tag Requisition Enquiry
  • Petty Cash Expense Item
  • Product Price Change
  • Sales Retail Order Planning
  • Send & Receive Message
  • Shop Replenishment Note
  • Shop Duty Report
  • Retail Invoice Maintenance
  • Shop Management
  • SMS Marketing
  • Shop Exchange Rate
  • Shop Cash To Deposit In Bank