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FashionPro CRM System improves marketing, customer's services and other business processes which are customers-related by achieving automation. It is able to fulfill different and individual needs of variable customers while increasing both the loyalty and the number of customers to achieve the continuous contribution of customer's value. And this is how enterprise improving their capacity of marketing and gaining profits.

System Functions

Customer Analysis

Member Grow up
Member Sales
Member Group
Loyalty Analysis
Feedback Analysis

Customer Centric Retail

Accurately Retail
Real Time Marketing
Retail Activity
Feedback Manage

Communication & Services

Member Portal
Call Centre

Membership Management

Member Manage
Card Manage
Member Grouping
Closing Gateways
Common Report

System Features

Basic Details

Member Details
Multi Card Types & Custom Excitation Rule
Define Organizational Structure Of Group
Brand & Commodity Information Definition

Membership Development Strategy

Simple To Register, Lower Threshold
Recommend & Invite
Member Details Input On Portals Website

Customized Marketing

Multi-channel Retail
Real-time Retail
Precision Retail
Cross Retail Strategy
Repetitive Retail Strategy

Excitation & Loyalty

Indirect Excitation
Direct Excitation
Consumption Excitation
Interaction Excitation

Customer Communication

Multi-channel communication engine, achieve to communication with customer personalized and automatic such as message, Email, portals website, mobile application like WeChat etc.


Be a brand appeal retailer, VIP management system is necessary. Holding stable member group can ensure products' sales volume, helping to realize customer's consumption habits. It is also beneficial to extend brand and improve enterprise performance.


All-sided member details record;

Communicate with members by SMS and email, elevate loyalty;

Different level setting can differentiate roles of discount, bonus point and promotion;

Member level auto upgrade/ downgrade/ renewal;

Multi-dimensional consuming behavior analysis;

Provide value card and prepayment;

FashionPro VIP system provides different types of member and different Privileges such as shop member, wholesales member, market member etc.

System Functions

VIP Master

Sales Query
VIP General Information
VIP Personal Information
VIP Grading History
VIP Point History

VIP Discount

Bonus Point Discount
Different Level
Discount Priority

VIP Bonus Point

Award By Different VIP Types
Award By Point
Award By Product
Birthday Bonus Award
Bonus Point Adjustment
General Bonus Award
Specific Date Setting
Specific Time Setting

VIP Grading

Level Auto Upgrade / Downgrade / Renewal
Multiple VIP Card
Sales History Query
SMS Interaction
VIP Level Management
VIP Value Card